Is Mr Hyde synthBlock as violent as the name would imply?

Also, find out what type of effects processing will be covered by the next synthBlock!

Busy with recording a description and demo of the big orange Fusebox with the man himself, synth designer Tom Carpenter, I didn’t pay much attention to a small red box sitting next to the Fusebox. That was until Tom moved his hands over to the right and started messing about with Mr Hyde. I followed his hands with my camera and there it was, a screaming little red box appeared through the camera’s viewfinder

Mr Hyde is the first model in a new series of products Analogue Solutions is bringing out, synthBlocks. Each synthBlock is an analogue effect processor.

You can see some Mr Hyde action past the six minutes mark in this Fusebox/Mr Hyde video HERE

Analogue Solutions Fusebox and Mr Hyde Demo

Analogue Solutions Fusebox and Mr Hyde Demo

Video with the designer Tom Carpenter giving a brief overview of Mr Hyde HERE

MrHyde SynthBlock Analogue Solutions Preview

MrHyde SynthBlock Analogue Solutions Preview


This first synthBlock offers a 12dB multimode filter, High, Low and Band Pass and Notch filters.  The Boost switch and control allows resonance. The LFO, square and triangle waves, can go into the audio-range.

Nice to see that both 1/4” and minijack formats are provided for Input and Output. 1/4” In/Out jacks and the 12v DC socket are at the back of the unit. Minijack In/Out on the front panel.

On the front there are two Modulation CV Inputs, LFO triangle and square outputs and the signal output. This should be fun to patch with Eurorack modules and in the future with other synthBlocks which takes us to… what type of effect box will the next synthBlock be?

Tom mentioned the next synthBlock coming out soon  from Analogue Solutions will be an Echo-Ringmod-LFO synthBlock

Price probably around £250 and available shortly.

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