SYNTHESEA 2017: 11 June 2017 – Organised by Simon Forsyth – Synthesizer Music Live Performance

Live Performances Line-up:

Nick Batt, Battery Operated Orchestra, Native Ray, Vile Electrodes

If you have not seen Part-One of this post where we talk about the Analogue Solutions Fusebox demo, Mr Hyde, AJH Mini Mod Modular Eurorack, Dubreq GEN X-1 new Stylophone and more… you can find Part One of SonicVoltage visit at Synthesea here: SYNTHESEA 2017: WAS IT WORTH ATTENDING? 

Roughly around 6PM live performances kicked off with a great melodic performance from Nick Batt.

Nick Batt

Nick Batt‘s performance was a great opening for the evening. Melodic and passionate music at its best. A joy to listen to. Mainly downtempo with expressive lead lines coming from his Moog Sub 37, the MFB Dominion 1 and the Korg Minilogue. Other synths from his live set were the Dreadbox Erebus and the Novation Circuit aided by an Arturia Beatstep Pro. Looking forward to his next live performance, so should you.     

Battery Operated Orchestra (BOO)

Change of pace with the second act. BOO delivered an energetic and lovely to watch performance. This very likeable duo, Chris Black and Brigitte Rose, delighted the audience with their own brand of great synth-pop music.  If they happen to play in your area go and watch them!


The third act to take the stage was Native Ray. This Electro-Psych young duo, Robin White and Patrick Tipler performed their electronica/world music tracks while experiencing some technical difficulties. Sadly, they were having issues with their laptop and maybe some audio channel but they marched on and what they played was nice. I wish them all the best for their next trouble-free performance.

Vile Electrodes

The final act on stage, Vile Electrodes. No better way to end the live event. This duo loved by many, Jane Caley and Martin Swan, sounded fantastic!

Nice live synth setup with a mix of analogue and digital synthesisers. Stand-alone hardware synths and a compact but well stuffed Modular Eurorack case. 

Their carefully crafted synth sounds and Jane Caley’s voice sounded spot on. If Vile Electrodes plays in your area they are a must see. 

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