I Was on the market for a wavefolder module. What do you guys think I did? Was it a buy or a pass?

ALSO A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF DPW DESIGN MÖG AV-1 Attenuverter Eurorack Module and DPW D1 4Band Distortion Pedal

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Dan Wahlbeck, founder of DPW Design. Dan designed the MÖG AV-1 Attenuverter eurorack module which was released last December. Dan’s previous product was the D1 4-Band Distortion Pedal.

At CymruBeast 2017, in June, Dan Wahlbeck was showing off his latest creation the MÖG WF-1 Wavefolder eurorack module. That day was a particularly hot day but not as hot as the Wavefolder WF-1, reason being the WF-1 was literally Hot Off The Press! Dan had just finished building the first batch of 100 units the night before traveling from Sweden to UK for the Cymru Beats Synthesizer Meet.

Talking with Dan, one quickly realises that he is not only a cool guy but he is also very passionate about his work.

I admit I have a weakness for eurorack modules featuring a great looking front panel design and interface. Of course taste is a subjective matter and based on my subjective sense of taste I really like the look of this 12HP MÖG WF-1 Wavefolder. By the way, those undulated lines spaghetting across the front panel are not meaningless, they actually reflect signal paths.

With this wavefolder you can manipulate the incoming signal in a number of useful ways including independent folding of top and bottom (positive, negative) of the input signal, independently add or subtract a square wave from the positive and negative part of the signal, symmetrical modulation, cv control over offsets, mono and stereo out, logical signals based on folding parameters, limiting, distortion and more…

Image to the right shows adding/subtracting a square-wave from a sine-wave input signal

With the Wavefolder Expander E-1 you gain CV control, on/off, of the Limiter and Distortion functions. You can turn functions on and off with a speed of up to 1.5Khz.

Buy or Pass?

I bought it right there and then. Which means stay tuned for a Sonic Voltage in-depth review and tests of the MÖG WF-1 Wavefolder + Expander E-1. Subcribe to our YouTube Channel to be the first to know when Sonic Voltage’s new reviews, demos, tests, eurorack jams and more are published.

For now, I will let Ben Wahlbeck do the talking in this video where he gives SonicVoltage’s readers an overview of:

  • MÖG WF-1 Wavefolder + Expander E-1
  • MÖG  AV-1 Attenuverter
  • D1 4-Band Distortion Pedal

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The MÖG WF-1 Wavefolder is roughly £169 while the MÖG Expander E-1 is about £32 but they offer both bundled together for £188.

The AV-1 Attenuverter is around £75 while the MÖG D1 Distortion Pedal is £178

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