Visiting Cymru Beats 2017 – Part 1: Afternoon Synth Meet

The people, the modules and the hot day

Also: see and hear eurorack module designer and manufacturer Dan Wahlbeck (DPW Design) talking crap! –  keep reading and watch the video mentioned later within this page.

Cymru Beats is two things.

  • The annual Welsh meeting for the modular synthesiser crowd
  • A brick and mortar and online shop for modular synthesisers and more.

Behind both, the annual meet and the shop, there is an electronic music enthusiast I finally had the pleasure of meeting at this year Cymru Beats 2017 event, Mr. Simon Jones. After buying eleven eurorack modules from his online shop and receiving great customer service from Simon I was looking forward to meeting the man behind the emails.

The afternoon meet was about modular synth enthusiasts chatting, sharing experiences and playing around with some of the equipment present in the room. A friendly relaxed pre-performance lounge.

As an excellent surprise, I met Dan Wahlbeck from DPW Design.

I confess, before that day I did not know about DPW Design but from now on I will keep an eye on Eurorack Modules Dan Wahlbeck will be designing and releasing. After an initial chat about DPW Design, Dan and I recorded this video for where he presented and demoed his brand new MÖG WF-1 Wavefolder, the Expander E-1, the AV-1 Attenuverter and his D1 4-Band Distortion Pedal. See Dan Wahlbeck talking crap on video HERE (crap? well you have to watch the video to understand).

I was on the market for a wavefolder module and I liked the features of the MÖG WF-1. As a bonus, I think the module looks great. Dan had some units with him from his very first batch of 100 he finished producing just before travelling to the event. After recording the video presentation, I bought the WF-1 Wavefolder right there.

MÖG WF-1 test and review coming soon… Don’t miss it, subscribe to our YouTube Channel now for this, other reviews and demos and eurorack synth jams coming soon.

Read our Preview of the DPW Design MÖG WF-1 new wavefolder module plus the Expander E-1, the AV-1 Attenuverter and D1 4-Band Distortion Pedal HERE – MÖG Products Preview where you will also find a Video-Overview of all four products.

The venue and the hot day

The Cymru Beats 2017 event was held at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff and the evening performances set in the Chapter’s Seligman Theatre. The venue, with spacious restaurant area and outdoor areas, was a good choice especially considering it was a hot day! I was there from around 2PM to the end of the evening performances and it was good to be able to make use of those outdoor areas during performances’ breaks and catch some fresh air.

The Hardware

Equipment present on the day included an MU format setup, sadly I didn’t get a chance to get closer and have a look at this in detail.

And Doepfer cases stuffed with Eurorack Modular goodness.

A few days before the event I exchanged messages with Simon Jones via Facebook but finally, I got to meet him in person and I am glad I did. Great guy and a eurorack synth head, some of his own cases were there in the room. We had a chance to chat briefly about our eurorack systems, the event, Sonic Voltage… then something required his attention and he had to go and take care of stuff. I look forward to meeting him again at Cymru Beats 2018.

The afternoon was almost over, my son and I went for a quick break outside, some fresh air and some drinks before the evening live performance started.

Follow this link to see what happened during the rest of the evening… Cymru Beats 2017 – Part 2: Evening Live Performance – Who Rocked and Who Flopped?

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